Financial Planning, BBA (Accelerated)

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Financial Planning prepares graduates with a blend of business fundamentals and financial planning knowledge needed to serve as expert resources in investing, saving, and money management.

The program provides readiness preparation for graduates to sit for board certification.

Degree Requirements

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Bachelor of Business Administration, Financial Planning program will be able to:

  1. Build professional standards which reflect responsible, sustainable, and ethical practices while dealing with clients.
  2. Effectively communicate the financial plan, both orally and in writing, including information based on research, peer, colleague, or simulated client interaction and/or results emanating from a synthesis of material.
  3. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the content found within the Financial Planning curriculum and effectively apply and integrate this information in the formulation of a financial plan.
  4. Recommend financial advice to clients based on a financial advice process that suits the client.
  5. Analyze personal financial situations, evaluating clients’ objectives, needs, and values to develop an appropriate strategy within the financial plan.
  6. Evaluate the impact of economic, political, and regulatory issues with regard to the financial plan.
  7. Apply the CFP Board Financial Planning Practice Standards to the financial planning process.
  8. Align personal, professional, and organizational conduct with ethical and professional standards of conduct including an understanding of corporate social responsibility.


Financial Planner, Budget Analyst, Investor