Health Care Management, BS (Accelerated)

Medical and health services managers, also called health care executives or health care administrators, plan, direct, and coordinate medical and health services. They might manage an entire facility, a specific clinical area or department, or a medical practice for a group of physicians. Medical and health services managers must direct changes that conform to changes in health care laws, regulations, and technology.

A health care administrator works closely with physicians, registered nurses, medical and clinical technicians. They may also interact with patients or insurance agents. A graduate may manage a nursing home facility, oversee specific medical departments such as physical therapy or surgery or lead as a health information director to supervise the work of medical records and health information technicians.

Degree Requirements

Program Learning Outcomes

The Rochester University Health Care Management Program prepares graduates to apply concepts, models, and theories in health care management while demonstrating an understanding of Christian values and integrity.

Program Learning Outcomes include:

  1. Demonstrating critical business and financial management thinking skills through strategic planning.
  2. Applying systems thinking to create and articulate clear plans for strategic change.
  3. Demonstrating research methods and quantitative decision-making skills with data.
  4. Evaluating ethical and legal issues related to planning and implementing health care services.
  5. Demonstrating knowledge related to using technology to achieve organizational or program goals and practices.
  6. Describing and explaining a wide range of concepts and theories related to health care.


Administrative careers in hospitals, health systems, public health agencies, insurance firms, consulting firms, medical group practices, managed care organizations, government agencies, and other health care settings.

Requirements for the BS in Health Care Management – 120 Hours

General Education Core [31 Credits]
The Social and Behavioral Science general education requirement is covered in the major by BUS 2513. The lab science general education requirement is met by HCM 1304. The critical thinking mathematical competency general education requirement is met by BUS 2423. The Diversity general education requirement is covered in the major by BUS 3033.

Health Care Management Major [58 Credits]
ACC 2113 Accounting I
BUS 2513 Principles of Economics
BUS 3003 Business Communication
BUS 3303 Busines Law
BUS 4943 Ethics in Business
BUS 2423 Business Statistics
MGT 2603 Principles of Management
MKT 2503 Principles of Marketing
MGT 3603 Organizational Behavior
HCM 3013 Health Systems of the United States
HCM 3023 Health Care Law and Ethics
HCM 3033 Health Care Finance
HCM 2303 Principles of Health Care Management
HCM 3503 Health Information Systems
HCM 1304 Community and Public Health
HCM 4813 Health Care Internship
HCM 4903 Strategic Planning in Health Care Management
HRM 3613 Human Resource Management
HCM 3603 Health Care Operations

Electives [31 Credits]

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Assistant Professor of Business

Bonnie McIntosh, MBA, MPH, BA Community Health, CHES®

Assistant Professor and Program Chair 
Health Care Management | School of Business

Assistant Professor & Program Chair – Information Systems

Director – School of Business
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Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship
Director – Center for Social Entrepreneurship

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