Mass Communication, BS (Accelerated)

Rochester University offers you the opportunity to complete a BS in Mass Communication degree in 8-week semesters. Any associates degree from an accredited institution is accepted.
Degree Requirements

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Mass Communication program will be able to produce all forms of mass communication by applying media concepts through writing, oral presentations and digital technologies, critically evaluate their own work and that of others for accuracy, fairness, and clarity, understand and evaluate historical and cultural forms of mass communication with special focus on professional  practices and audience diversity and apply professional ethical principles aligned to the First Amendment with special focus on the relationship between media ethics and vocation.


Communications Director, Public Relations Manager, Public Relations Coordinator, News Producer, Television Producer, Radio Producer, Interactive / Digital Producer, Publications Editor, Journalist, Photojournalist, Copywriter, Digital Media Specialist, Digital Marketing Specialist, Social Media Specialist, Graphic Designer, Corporate Communications