Graduate Department of Theology

The Graduate Department of Theology at Rochester University provides excellent opportunities for those called to professional or lay ministry to pursue a quality graduate education that is integrated with real-life ministry. The program prepares students for a lifetime of faithful service and vibrant discipleship, while continuing to stay ahead of the new and rapidly evolving cultural context, in order to conceive and deliver training. The Master of Religious Education in Missional Leadership is an attempt to provide faithful ministry preparation that takes our changing context seriously.

Degree Requirements

Master of Religious Education in Missional Leadership

The MRE in Missional Leadership helps you build upon solid biblical theology and pastoral foundation. If you are committed to leading within the church and find yourself challenged by the implications of a practical and living gospel in an everchanging, dynamic culture, this course of study is for you.

Through the MRE program at RU the congregation, not the classroom, is where you will gain, expand and grow your understanding of missional leadership. This dynamic, hands-on approach to religious education offers you a chance to work in ministerial roles in which you can develop your leadership capabilities.

This unique program will connect you with resources and people beyond RU’s outstanding resident faculty, including key leaders in both the missional and emerging church movements, as well as missional leaders from around the world. As a graduate student, these leaders will serve both as faculty and online mentors.

Program Information

The program is full-time with integrated programming, and is a combination of online and in-person learning. You will move through the program with 14 other students, giving you the chance to develop a sense of Christian community with each other, and encourage one another during your spiritual journey.