Christian Ministry, BS

The Christian Ministry program prepares you for ministerial leadership with a combination of courses in the areas of biblical studies, theology, Christian history, ministry, and spirituality. You’ll benefit from a broad educational experience designed to help you understand and engage in the challenges of ministry life and to ultimately find your ministry calling. Program opportunities offer you experience both within Rochester University’s campus Ministry and through a variety of internships. While some graduates may pursue jobs outside of congregations, special attention is given to leading congregations.

Degree Requirements

Program Learning Outcomes

As graduates of the Christian Ministry program, you will:

  • Lead communities in the understanding and use of Scripture
  • Believe that ministry proceeds from a God-centered identity and calling
  • Lead groups in discerning and joining the work of God in the world
  • Understand communities of faith from a variety of perspectives
  • Know the importance of the broad themes of the Christian story for contemporary faith communities, and
  • Build ministry practice around the conviction that God is living and active in the world.


Seminary, Ministry