Information Systems, Programming, BS

The ISP program at Rochester University prepares students to work as part of a team in a variety of software development roles. Students are equipped with a solid foundation in computer science, information systems, and business. They participate in Agile and pair programming methodologies, and test-driven development. Questions? Contact Dr. Joel Hachem.

Degree Requirements

Program Learning Outcomes

The following learning outcomes are linked to assignments and activities throughout this program:

  1. Critical Thinking: Professional graduates think critically and apply systems thinking to decision-making.
  2. Problem-solving and application: Professional graduates apply functional area concepts and theories appropriately.
  3. Professional Communication: Professional graduates communicate effectively by preparing and delivering oral and written presentations using appropriate technologies.
  4. Social and ethical responsibility: Professional graduates align personal, professional, and organizational conduct with ethical and professional standards of conduct including an understanding of corporate social responsibility.
  5. Vocational Awareness: Professional graduates demonstrate an understanding of God’s ongoing story in the world and their responsibility to God, self, organization, and the world as a part of that ongoing story.


IT professional, networking specialist, cyber-security, or programming.