Musical Theatre, BA/BS

Rochester University’s Musical Theatre program is designed to prepare students in vocal performance, dance, and theatre, and a capstone internship or senior showcase. As a student in the musical theatre program, you will practice your craft in the community with a talented group of faculty, staff, and other students. In this environment, you will be challenged to consider not only your creative goals but your vocation in terms of how you can be of service in God’s world.

Offering a strong foundation in the liberal arts, this program emphasizing critical thinking, effective communication, and scholarly research to provide you with real-world marketable skills. You’ll benefit from year-round opportunities to perform, design, and direct, mentored by faculty and other local professionals. These opportunities will broaden the depth of your experience and prepare you to become professional musical theatre artist.

Degree Requirements

Program Learning Outcomes

As a graduate of the Musical Theatre Program, you will be able to:

  • Analyze a script, as well as synthesize the analysis into artistic expression
  • Describe how theatre can reflect, promote and challenge its cultural context
  • Articulate your own personal beliefs, values, attitudes, and abilities in theatre in relation to the Christian narrative and service in God’s world
  • Graduate with a professional repertoire and technique for presenting solo audition pieces for musical theatre


Musical Theatre Professional