Nursing, BSN

The Nursing program prepares you for a fulfilling and challenging nursing career. As a student, you will become a socially conscious nurse who will be able to contribute leadership and clinical skills in a variety of settings. Students will advance their understanding of the nursing profession and expand their leadership potential in the areas of management and health education within the community while studying under this program.

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Program Learning Outcomes

As a graduate of the Nursing program, you will be able to support individuals, families and communities as an advocate while synthesizing knowledge from the liberal arts, applied sciences and current research in the delivery of nursing care. You’ll develop a commitment to community involvement and leadership within that community while being able to evaluate communication techniques, and advocate for culturally diverse healthcare practices.


Nursing, Various Opportunities in Hospital and Community Settings

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First Time College Students if_right_arrow_476325_white

First-time college students can begin traditional nursing studies after they complete their pre-nursing requirements and are accepted into the School of Nursing. The nursing program will require three years to complete with a minimum of 123 credit hours.

Freshman Direct Admit Program if_right_arrow_476325_white

The Rochester College-School of Nursing (RC-SON) is pleased to offer freshman acceptance to qualified high school seniors. Freshman acceptance assures admission to the nursing program upon completion of prerequisite courses for the nursing major. Prerequisite courses must be completed within two years of initial enrollment to Rochester College. The criteria for freshman admission to the RC-SON are as follows:

  • Minimum cumulative high school GPA of 3.4 on 4.0 scale.
  • Successful completion (grade of B- or higher) of one year of biology, chemistry and algebra.
  • ACT composite score greater than or equal to 25 or SAT score of 1200.
  • Enrollment at Rochester College following high school.


  • Priority will be given to students who apply before December 1.
  • Each applicant will be interviewed by the RC SON.
  • Students will decline or accept offer by January 1.
  • Please submit a brief essay describing the extracurricular and work activities in which you have been involved that have contributed personally to you and/or the community. Indicate how you believe these experiences have prepared you for a career in nursing.

Upon direct admission, students will:

  • Maintain full-time enrollment at Rochester College.
  • Complete all prerequisite courses and be eligible for the nursing major within 2 years of initial enrollment.
  • Pass Rochester College (non-nursing) courses with a C or higher.
  • Pass RC-SON nursing courses (NUR) with a B- or higher.

Application Process if_right_arrow_476325_white

  • Application deadline for Fall entry into Rochester College School of Nursing is the last Friday in May. The complete application includes full acceptance to Rochester College and receipt of all transcripts by the application deadline. Personal information provided on the Rochester College application form may be considered for evaluation.
  • Rochester College School of Nursing applicants are evaluated on their potential for academic success and their ability to contribute to an enriching educational environment while in school. To be eligible to apply, the applicant must have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 in prerequisite coursework and a minimum GPA of 3.2 in cumulative coursework.
  • Rochester College School of Nursing applicants will submit a personal goal statement in a Word document to by the last Friday in May. This 500-1000 word essay should highlight the reasons the applicant wants to attend Rochester College School of Nursing and describe skills, experiences, and personal attributes that make him or her a good fit for the nursing profession. This goal statement will be used as a source of information about the applicant and as an example of the applicant’s writing ability.
  • As part of the application review process, potential Rochester College School of Nursing candidates will be invited to an individualized face-to-face interview with nursing faculty. Qualifying applicants will be notified of their interview date and time.
  • Decisions regarding acceptance to Rochester College School of Nursing are made by the Admissions Committee. The Admissions Committee reviews all applications that meet minimum requirements.

Additional Costs if_right_arrow_476325_white

Additional Costs for Nursing Students

  • ACE clinical placement (annual) $50
  • Drug Screen (annual) $25  – Can be done at PCP/may be covered by insurance
  • Michigan Background Check (annual) $10
  • Immunizations/titers (1st year if not up-to-date)  Cost Varies – Check with PCP/possible insurance coverage
    • MMR
    • Varicella
    • Hep B
    • TDaP every 10 years
  • Tb skin test (annual) Cost Varirs – Check with PC
  • Flu vaccine (annual) Free at RC Health Fair
  • Physical exam (1st year only) Cost Varies – May be covered by insurance at PCP
  • CPR certification (every 2 years) $70  – Must be Basic Life Support (BLS) Health Care Provider (HCP)
  • Uniform with RC logo (1st year only) $100-$120
  • Kaplan NCLEX test prep (every semester) $90
  • Skills Lab Kit (1st year only) $130
  • MDF secondary skills equipment (1st year only) Cost Varies – Includes stethoscope, BP cuff, hemostat/scissors, and penlight


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