Theatre, BA/BS

As a Theatre major, you will practice your craft in community with talented faculty, staff, and other students. In this environment, you will be challenged to consider not only your creative goals, but your vocation in terms of how you can be of service in God’s world. Through a strong foundation in the liberal arts emphasizing critical thinking, effective communication, and scholarly research you are provided with real-world marketable skills and excellent preparation for graduate studies. To give depth to your creative experience, this program offers year-round opportunities for you to perform, design, direct, and manage, mentored by faculty and other local professionals..

If you decide to pursue a Theatre major, you must first audition for admission into the program, and are expected to participate in productions each semester while maintaining good academic standing at Rochester University.

Degree Requirements

Program Learning Outcomes

As a graduate of the Theatre program, you will be able to analyze a script as well as synthesize the analysis into artistic expression, describing how theatre can reflect, promote and challenge its cultural context. You will also be able to articulate your personal beliefs, values, attitudes, and abilities in theatre in relation to the Christian story and service in God’s world.





Theatre/Performance Technician

Stage Manager

Production Manager

Marketing Assistant

Worship Leader

Arts Director



Recording Artist

Voiceover Artist

Main Stage

To learn more about Main Stage and performance opportunities, please visit here.