Urban Ministry, BS

A degree in Urban Ministry prepares you to participate in God’s work of new creation within urban settings, which are alternate places of energy, vibrancy, cultural expression, neglect, fragmentation, and exploitation. The unique opportunities and challenges of urban ministry life require particular training that combines theology, sociology/social work, social entrepreneurship, psychology, and ministry. You will have direct experience working in urban settings through campus ministry opportunities, and through internships with partners in Detroit, Pontiac, and Flint.

Degree Requirements

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Urban Ministry degree will:

  • Imagine ministry in relation to biblical texts and themes, while believing that ministry proceeds from a God-centered identity and calling
  • Lead groups in discerning and joining the work of God in the world, interpreting ministry settings from a variety of perspectives, and knowing the importance of the broad themes of the Christian story for contemporary faith communities
  • Help graduates build ministry practices around the conviction that God is living and active in the world, working for human thriving and reconciliation.


Ministry in urban congregations, para-church ministry, participation in intentional Incarnational communities, community organizing.