Worship Ministry, BS

The Worship Ministry degree prepares you to serve God’s people in the planning and leading of worship. Theology, ministry, music, and theatre come together in this interdisciplinary degree to equip you for the broad demands of contemporary worship. While cultivating your abilities in ministry arts (music and theatre) to serve the theological commitment that worship is a primary place where Christian belief and practice is formed. As part of your studies, you will also gain experience through Rochester University student worship ensembles (both full band and acapella) and internships with congregations.

Degree Requirements

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Worship Ministry program will:

  • Lead communities in the understanding and use of Scripture, while believing that ministry proceeds from a God-centered identity and calling
  • Lead groups in discerning and joining the work of God in the world
  • Understand communities of faith from a variety of perspectives and know the importance of the broad themes of the Christian story for contemporary faith communities
  • Be prepared to build a ministry practice around the conviction that God is living and active in the world, as well as developing musicianship for worship ministers, including reading, performing, active listening, and functional ability in keyboard and technology.


Worship Ministry, Para-Church Ministry