Youth and Family Ministry, BS

The Bachelor of Science in Youth and Family Ministry prepares you to aid families in the spiritual formation of people in the first third of life. You will complete basic ministry preparation courses in the areas of biblical interpretation, theology, Christian history, ministry, and spirituality. Additionally, you will complete courses that orient you to the unique challenges related to adolescent spirituality in relation to contemporary culture. We provide learning experiences both within Rochester University’s campus ministry and through internships.

Degree Requirements

Program Learning Outcomes

As a graduate of the Youth and Family Ministry program, you will be prepared to lead communities in the use and understanding of scripture, in discerning and joining the work of God in the world, and will understand faith communities from a variety of perspectives. Through the belief and conviction that God is living and active in the world, you will learn to approach family from a belief that ministry proceeds from God-centered identity and calling, and a solid understanding of the broad themes of Christian faith as it pertains to contemporary faith-based communities.


This degree program is designed to prepare students to minister to youth in their families, churches, schools, and communities.