Honors Program


The Honors Program at Rochester University provides unique academic and extracurricular opportunities for gifted and high-achieving students. Our goal is to cultivate virtues that will allow students to flourish, both in the classroom and throughout their lives.

Why Participate in the Honors Program?

Honors courses bring Rochester University’s most academically gifted students together in one classroom, offering a dynamic learning environment that is characterized by interdisciplinary learning, low student-teacher ratios, and stimulating class discussions.

Courses offered in the Honors Program satisfy general education requirements, so participation in the Honors Program is not an extra requirement on top of a student’s required curriculum. These courses simply offer the opportunity to fulfill general education requirements with more focused and engaging topics and classroom environments.


Every Honors course a student takes will be designated as such on their official Rochester University transcript. Students who participate in the Honors Program are eligible to be recognized at Rochester University’s annual academic awards ceremony and will receive Honors cords to be worn at graduation. The requirements for this recognition are as follows:

  • Honors Scholar
    • At least 14 credits of Honors coursework completed
    • Cumulative GPA of 3.5
  • Distinguished Honors Scholar
    • At least 20 credits of Honors coursework completed
    • Cumulative GPA of 3.5


Incoming students with an ACT of 27 or an SAT of 1290 are eligible to enroll in Honors courses and participate in the Honors Program. Students who have already been accepted to Rochester University, meet these qualifications, and submit this application are guaranteed acceptance into the Honors Program. Students with slightly lower test scores are also encouraged to apply. Transfer students and existing students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher are also eligible join the Honors Program. Anyone interested in joining the Honors Program should fill out the application linked below.

Honors Program Application

Any further questions should be directed to the Honors Program Director, Dr. David Greer.