Sustainable Community Development Internship



You will experience an intense, high-quality introduction to life and faith-based work on the African continent. You will visit area villages, worship with Ugandans, raft the Nile River, and go on safari. All in 2 weeks over an extended Spring Break.


You will earn 3 hours of credit through this trip and the accompanying class. You will explore the history, theory and methodology of sustainable community development. You also will learn about the intersection of social justice, economic viability and cultural identity.


This trip is coordinated with Kibo Group, a nonprofit that partners with East Africans to pursue local solutions for poverty and injustice to help communities flourish. You will visit area villages and job shadow with Kibo employees.


Trip costs are $2,500 , which covers all travel, food, lodging and activity expenses. As with any college course, you will pay tuition for the 3-credit hour course. These costs can be defrayed through discount awards. Financial aid should apply to your semester costs, but check with your RU financial aid adviser for specifics. Plus, since this is a mission-oriented trip, you can opt to fundraise as well.



Requirements for joining the trip include:

  • Registering for the class (SEN 3033 SEN 3033 Sustainable Community Development – International)
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Not on probation, including academic and social
  • Ability to walk several miles and have the energy for activity
  • A great attitude as you explore Uganda and try new experiences
  • You will need to get immunization injections and a passport that will not be included in the overall cost

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