Natural Science Field Study

April 30 – June 4, 2022 • The American Pacific Northwest


The group will cook its own meals, camp in tents, “camp out” in church buildings, and engage in education by hiking over and through some of the best geological, historical, and cultural sites to be found. You will keep a journal describing what you see and learn from first-hand observation, trail lectures, interpretive centers and readings.


Fulfill your general education Lab-Science class requirement and or Historical Context requirement in an exciting hands-on manner. Our 2022 Field Study offering will have you flying from Detroit to Portland and exploring the states of Oregon and Washington. The specific states visited each year depend on the itinerary for the summer that you choose to travel.


The GEO travel fee for Field Study 2022 is $480. Tuition and lab fee for NSC 2204 – Natural Science Field Study is $2352 and tuition for HIS 4613 Selected Topics in History is $1719. Select one or both courses.


You need the ability to walk and hike for several miles each day. Also bring a great attitude as you explore nature, camp outside, try new experiences, and cook meals over a fire. Any student of any major may apply.


HIS 4613 Selected Topics in History
Special history topics chosen by student or instructor. Subject options vary by semester, and the course may be repeated with a different option. Repeatable. Grades earned in repeatable courses are final and cannot be replaced. PR: Sophomore status or departmental approval required.

Field Study: The American Pacific Northwest

This field-study course explores the history, cultures, and interactions of peoples of the American Pacific Northwest, especially in relation to the region’s distinctive location, landscape, and resources. Key subjects include Native American civilizations; European/American exploration, competition, migration, and settlement; the development of American industries such as logging, mining, fishing (especially salmon), shipping, agriculture, and hydroelectric and nuclear power; and the rise of leading technology and retail companies such as Boeing, Microsoft, Starbucks, and Amazon.

NSC 2204 Natural Science Field Study with Lab
Various geological, environmental, conservation and climate topics are explored in a field study experience. Specific topics will depend on the locations visited. Counts as a lab course. Travel fee variable.

This 2022 version of Field Study will explore the Geologic past of the Pacific Northwest, from plate tectonics to large glacial floods that carved many geologic features in this region. The diversity of flora and fauna will be noted as many climate zones will be experienced.

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