Natural Science Field Study

May 2021: South Dakota, Wyoming, and Idaho



The group will cook its own meals, camp in tents, stay in a cabin, and engage in education by hiking over and through some of the best geological sites to be found. You will keep a journal describing what you see and learn from first-hand observation, trail lectures, interpretive centers and readings.


Fulfill your general education lab/science class requirement in a fun, hands-on manner. When you travel to the great wild west in May, you will travel from Detroit to several western states. Trips often include Colorado, Utah, South Dakota, Wyoming and Idaho. The specific states visited depend on the itinerary for the summer that you choose to travel.


The course fee for NSC 2204 – Natural Science Field Study is $480. When tuition is included, the entire trip will cost approximately $2,764, which also includes transportation, lodging, food, site passes and lab fees.


You need the ability to walk and hike for several miles each day. Also bring a great attitude as you explore nature, camp outside, try new experiences, and cook meals over a fire.


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