Academic Testing Center

The Academic Testing Center (ATC) is located on the 2nd floor of the Ham Library building, room 220, next to the elevator.

Dates of Closure

Labor Day, September 6

Testing Hours

ACCUPLACER testing: Monday through Friday 9am-5pm, closed 12-1pm

CLEP testing



To make an appointment, contact the Academic Testing Center (ATC)  by email at, by telephone at 248-218-2137, or stop in the Academic Testing Center which is located on the 2nd floor of the Ham Library building in room 220 next to the elevator.

More Information

Please note – email appointment requests are the preferred method – the response time is more timely.  Phone calls go to voicemail when students are in the ATC testing.

Photo ID is required on test day as proof of identity such as driver’s license or student ID.  Please also arrive on time for the scheduled appointment, and be considerate of other students who are testing by entering the room quietly.

Accommodations Testing & Makeup Exams if_right_arrow_476325_white

Students may take exams in the ATC after documented accommodations are approved by the RU Accommodations Officer, or when a test is missed due to an institutional absence or other absence with instructor approval.

  • An appointment must be made at least 24 hours in advance of requested date/time of testing (earlier is best).
  • When requesting an appointment, be sure to provide your full name, course name and/or number, the name of the instructor, and the date/time you would like to make your appointment (see testing hours).
  • Be sure to coordinate the test appointment with your instructor.  Faculty must approve the appointment, submit an Academic Testing Center – Appointment Form, and provide the exam for your test appointment.
  • Please Note – there is no guarantee that an appointment will be available at the time/date requested.  Appointments are approved as availability allows – an alternate appointment date/time may be required.

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Who May Benefit From ACCUPLACER Testing

ACCUPLACER exams are placement tests that help determine which course a student should be placed in according to the student’s ability to pass the class successfully.  A student may be placed in a remedial math and/or English course that will not count toward a degree when the student’s ACT or SAT scores do not meet the minimum requirement for a higher level course at Rochester University.  In this situation, the student has the option to take one or both ACCUPLACER exams.  Upon receiving a qualifying score, the student may be placed into a higher level course which can save time and tuition expense.


The $25 per test fee must be paid before testing.  Visit the Cashier’s Office located in the Associates Campus Center (CC) building, or call 248-218-2053 to pay by phone with a credit card.  Receipt must be shown as proof of payment at testing appointment.


If you wish to request special accommodations for the placement tests, contact the Academic Testing Coordinator at 248-218-2137,, or the Rochester University Accommodations Officer at  Proper documentation will be required to be granted accommodations.

CLEP Tests if_right_arrow_476325_white

Rochester University offers credit for successful completion of selected CLEP exams.  Students must attain the CLEP standard passing score to receive credit.  Students may not seek CLEP credit for courses which they failed in regular attendance or by examination at Rochester University.  All CLEP tests must be completed by the end of the student’s second semester enrolled at Rochester University.  In addition, credit may not be granted for an exam taken during a student’s final semester.

Making an appointment at Rochester University:

Fees and Payment Method:

  • CLEP TEST FEE:  The $89 fee must be paid online through the CLEP website before exam appointment.    
  • Before purchasing a CLEP exam, check with your advisor to be sure the course/credit is needed for the degree you are seeking as CLEP TESTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.  Also, it is best to schedule a test appointment with ATC as soon as possible after purchasing exam as EXAM VOUCHERS EXPIRE AFTER 6 MONTHS. To register and purchase exam, visit the College Board/CLEP website at to create an account using the My Account feature.  After signing up for a CLEP exam on My Account, a registration ticket/voucher is issued to confirm the CLEP exam purchase.  This voucher # is required in order to test on appointment day.
  • ROCHESTER UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATION FEE:  Rochester University charges a $50 test administration fee.  Payment must be made to the Business Office Cashier located in the Associates Campus Center building prior to the test appointment, and the receipt must be presented to the Test Administrator as proof of payment at test appointment.
  • Credit Posting Fee:  A $40 per credit hour fee for posting credit to the RU student’s transcript will be charged to the student’s account after the Registrar has received an official CLEP score report with a qualifying score from College Board/CLEP.

What to Bring on Testing Day:

  • Payment Receipt: Bring receipt from the Business Office Cashier as proof of payment.
  • Photo ID: One form of ID that includes a photo and a signature must be presented for testing.
  • Ticket/Voucher Number:  The ticket/voucher can be printed from the website to bring to the student’s test appointment; however, the voucher number is all that is required in order to take the test.
  • Do not bring any electronic device to the testing center – they are strictly prohibited.

Study Guides and Helpful Information:

  • CLEP tests are computerized exams.  Students will receive a test score report immediately following an exam with the exception of the College Composition exam which has a 2-3 week grading period.
  • Rochester University does not accept credit for the College Mathematics CLEP exam.
  • Practice tests, and other valuable information regarding CLEP exams may be viewed using the following link: – select the “CLEP for test-takers” in the upper right hand corner.
  • Study guides are also available for use in the Career Services office.

CLEP Contact Information: