If the employer pays only a portion of the student’s tuition costs or requires the student to pay the school directly and provide a paid receipt, then the student is responsible to pay the balance through other published payment arrangements.

If the third party provides a tuition voucher, the approved tuition voucher or signed authorization must be submitted to the Student Financial Services office. Rochester University will then invoice the third party directly for the qualified tuition and fees.

If the third party provides the reimbursement, the student must provide to the Student Financial Services office a copy of the employer reimbursement policy. The policy must outline the benefit and must list the requirement of the student and/or college to receive the reimbursement amount. Rochester University will defer the student’s payment for up to 5 weeks after the end of the semester.

To qualify for deferred payment, the student’s employer must not require proof of payment in full before reimbursement and must not require a certain grade to be obtained. The student is responsible for submitting any necessary paperwork to their employer to meet their reimbursement guidelines. A new letter and/or voucher is required each semester/year depending on the third party policy. The student is responsible for any and all tuition and fees that are incurred if the third party fails to pay.