Your tax-deductible donation can bring us to the milestone of completing our transition to Rochester University, just as we embark upon the celebration of our 60th anniversary. Our goal is to fund the final four components of the RC2RU campaign listed below by the end of 2020. Will you join us?



Arena Fund


Athletic Fund


Lake Norcentra


RU Signage


For nearly 60 years, Rochester College delivered an outstanding Christ-centered education that prepared students for success after college through lives of service and faithfulness.

In recognition of the tremendous progress we’ve made, we announced our transition to Rochester University in the autumn of 2018. Although this change was years in the making, the past 21 months have been focused on making updates that reflect our new identity, in addition to expanding our programs, improving our facilities, increasing our outreach and magnifying our impact on the world.

We are continuing this work, and we are hoping that you will join us. Our institution excels when we work together and stay committed to our shared vision.

Garth Pleasant Arena | Goal $20,000
As they say in basketball, come through with the assist—help finish branding the Garth Pleasant Arena as home of the Rochester University Warriors. Your dollars will be used to update team and spectator furniture, general facility signage, Warrior athletic banners, donor recognition items and more.

General Athletics | Goal $6,000
Warrior athletics need key players to finish funding the visual identity of uniforms, transportation, and game day essentials like our baseball field scoreboard and dugout signage.

Lake Norcentra Park | Goal $1,000
Your support aids in improving the ease-of-navigation and beautification of Lake Norcentra Park, RU’s serene setting enjoyed by all who enter. Donations will primarily focus on updating and creating additional signage to welcome both our campus and greater Rochester community to this shared asset.

University Assets | Goal $8,000
Branded elements throughout campus reflect the institution’s internal transformation and reinforce our new identity as Rochester University. In the last year, we’ve updated several prominent visuals, including entrance, facility and wayfinding signage. However, funds are still needed for replacement graphics in various corners of campus.