Rochester University Alumni CenterOn Monday, April 4, Rochester University finalized the purchase of property previously owned by the Rochester Church of Christ. The purchase includes the church building and its entire eight-acre parcel, which adjoins the campus.

Discussion about mutual use of the building began in 2020. More recently those discussions developed into a sale of the property. Under a 15-year shared-use agreement, the church will retain offices and have use of the auditorium and classrooms on Sundays and Wednesdays.

“Addition of the church property will provide 45,000 square feet of office, classroom, and event space,” said Tom Rellinger, executive vice president and chief fiscal officer of the university. “We will begin modifications, repairs, and upgrades to the facility immediately in hopes of having the facility on-line for educational purposes for the fall.”

The university began using the facility’s auditorium for chapel this semester. The auditorium will also provide space for other large gatherings in the years ahead. Classroom modifications will include the addition of the same up-to-date technology installed last fall in every classroom on campus. Parking lots on the property will provide a large increase in campus parking capacity.

“The facility will allow us to schedule 240 students into eight classrooms,” Rellinger said. “We will also pick up 14 offices, two conference rooms, one adjunct room for four professors, and a small computer lab.” Initially, the School of Business and the Development Office are scheduled to move into the building.

The church purchased the eight-acre parcel from the university in 1987 and opened the building in 1990. That acreage, along with a functional facility, will serve Rochester University students well into the future.