Elevate has always been one of the highlights of the year for students in this part of the country. For many years now students and youth ministries have descended on Rochester University each summer to experience what it means to participate in the Kingdom of God, here and now. Elevate is an incredible event that we all love.

As we experience these unprecedented times, so much of our lives seem to be up in the air. Even the nation’s greatest experts simply do not know when life will resume, as we knew it. For Rochester University, and Elevate, there are many things that we are simply unable to plan for, both logistically and financially. Because of this, it is with our greatest disappointment that we announce that Elevate has been cancelled for 2020. We know that this cancellation will bring about another disappointment in the long line of disappointments thus far during this season of life. However, there is simply no way to plan an event of this magnitude while considering all of the unknowns during this time.

As you may know, Elevate Nights (our Friday, March 20 event) was one of the first Rochester University sponsored events that was cancelled due to our current climate. Elevate Nights was to serve as part Elevate reunion, part introduction to Elevate and all that we do. We are excited to announce that we are creatively thinking about what this event will look like in the future and are planning a Friday/Saturday event, a mini Elevate, as soon as we able to. Yes, it will not be the same experience that Elevate affords. However, it will give us an opportunity to share in community, Elevate-style, on a date to be determined. When we resume normal activity and are able to solidify a date we will communicate those details as soon as possible.

We know that this is not the news you wanted, nor is this the news we wanted to give. Please know that our desire, as the leadership of Elevate, is to be faithful to the healing of our neighbor, to provide the safest possible atmosphere for Elevate, and to use the wisdom that God has granted us in making these type of decisions. We ask that you join us in prayer for the students and families who are affected by this decision and for grace in this evolving climate. We love our Elevate family and cannot wait until we can all be together again.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

For Elevate,
Dan Henegar, Cole McClure, Scott Samuels