Erica Suszek

Director of Student Success & Well-being


Meet Erica!

Hello there! I am Erica Suszek, the Director of Student Success and Well-being. My purpose is to ensure a smooth transition into the culture of college, and empower you to become a self-reliant member of the community.

Before jumping into college life, I took a gap year to study in Germany, where I became interested in culture and personality. I combined these interests by earning a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences at MSU and a Master of Arts in Counseling at Oakland University. I have held multiple roles at multiple colleges in Michigan and Illinois, supporting students through the process of finding who they are and how they fit into God’s world.

I am passionate about wellness and learning! In my spare time, you can find me with a book in my hand, painting, or participating in community theater. My husband and I enjoy kayaking and antique shopping, and we have three cats, Pavel Catsyuk, Dylan Larkitten, and Lady Byng.

Welcome, Warrior. Wherever you are on your journey, you are welcome here, and you are valued here.