Our Mission

The Rochester University Theatre and Music department is a student-focused artistic community that seeks to engage, inspire, and impact our world by the stories we tell through performance. Our hands-on education develops artists who uncover truth and beauty, examine the human condition, celebrate our diverse society, and develop marketable skills such as communication, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving.

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The department of Theatre and Music at RU develops the whole person, promotes empathy, instills appreciation of beauty and diversity, encourages examination of self and the world, and stresses the importance of human interaction through artistic expression. The department uses stories to engage, inspire, and impact our rapidly changing world. Faculty and staff serve as mentors to students as they seek to discover their purpose.

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Students will discover their calling in the arts by working closely with professors who will invest in developing their talents, skills, knowledge, and experiences.

Production Opportunity if_right_arrow_476325_white

Students will participate in department productions or ensembles every semester, gaining hands-on experience in their craft.

Professional Mentorship if_right_arrow_476325_white

Students will work alongside professional artists in  production, ensembles, and the classroom.

Inclusion and Diversity Statement

The Rochester University Theatre Department is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion by presenting stories that both uplift and challenge community members from every background and viewpoint. As individuals and as a community, we seek to ensure that all are welcomed, heard, and respected. As artists who seek the truth of the world around us, we acknowledge that sometimes discomfort can be the first step toward understanding, respecting our differences, and building communities. We seek to educate ourselves and our audiences through stories that give us new perspectives.