Audition for RU Theatre

Upcoming Audition Day: February 18th, 2023

Visit us on an audition day or schedule an individual audition to join RU Theatre and qualify for potential scholarships. Scholarships are available for any students who would like to participate in Rochester University theatrical productions, regardless of major. Reach out to to get started!

All theatre majors require an audition and/or interview. For admission and scholarship consideration, please see below.

Audition Requirements if_right_arrow_476325_white
  • Acting: Present two contrasting monologues
  • Musical Theatre: Present one monologue and a musical theatre song

Interview Requirements if_right_arrow_476325_white

  • Technical Theatre/Directing: Present a portfolio/pictures/resume
  • Stage and Theatre Management: Present a stage management promptbook/resume


All auditions include a short interview period with TM faculty and staff

Students are welcome to showcase more than one skill/interest, even if it doesn’t fall into their desired major (i.e. Someone auditioning for the Musical Theatre program could present a lighting design portfolio in addition to their monologue and song).

For more information on joining RU Theatre as a major or scholarship participant, email If you are ready to schedule an audition, please fill out this form.