Theatre for Social Engagement

Theatre for Social Engagement educates our audiences about how the stories we share on stage intersect with the world around us. The lecture series raises awareness about specific real-world issues related to each of our four mainstage productions. Service learning initiatives and projects give students the opportunity to help shape the world around them by serving groups impacted by issues related to themes in our productions.

Previous Events

Silent Sky if_right_arrow_476325_white

2019: Dr. David Brackney hosted a lecture on the expansion of the universe and a star-gazing session.

In Juliet's Garden if_right_arrow_476325_white

2020: Dr. Beth VanRheenen led a post-show talk about the evolving nature of women in literature.

Julius Caesar if_right_arrow_476325_white

2020: Director Brandon Langeland put together a documentary about filming theatre in the midst of a pandemic.