Ferndale-Hoggatt Hall

Ferndale-Hoggatt Hall consists of two separate wings: Hoggatt Hall serves as the male wing, and Ferndale Hall serves as the female wing. Constructed in 1997, Ferndale-Hoggatt Hall houses over 130 students.

Ferndale-Hoggatt Rooms

Ferndale-Hoggatt Hall has suite-style living with double occupancy rooms that are connected by a shared bathroom.

Included furnishings:

  • 2 Twin XL Beds (with loft and bunk capabilities)
  • 2 Wardrobes
  • 2 Desks
  • 2 Hutches
  • 2 Dressers
  • 2 Chairs


  • Laundry
  • Cable
  • Internet

On the first floor of each wing, you’ll find a kitchenette with a seating area, sink, and stove.
The lobby, known as Dearborn Commons, connects the two wings of the residence hall and is open to both men and women to hang out, do homework, watch TV, play board games, or study. The lobby has a computer and printer available to students, and is also where you’ll find your campus mailbox.