Intercultural & Spiritual Life

At Rochester University, we believe that developing your spiritual formation is just as important as supporting your success on your chosen academic path. The Department of Spiritual Formation is dedicated to inviting students, faculty, staff, and community to participate in God’s life and work. We seek to engage God to form us into well-rounded, well-educated and well-equipped people by connecting in a Christian community.

Community Life + Worship

The Community Life + Worship (CLW) program at Rochester University exists in our community through chapel programming, campus ministry programs, diversity initiatives, service learning opportunities and more. Each of these experiences help lead to faith formation among our students. Chapel is the dedicated time where the campus community gathers together for worship, teaching, and ministry driven programming. Campus ministry initiatives focus on developing programs, and learning opportunities that nurture spiritual growth for students.

Service learning efforts integrate meaningful community service and reflection to enrich the Rochester University learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.These collective efforts are aimed at building community in a diverse world, affirming Christian values, and instilling a greater sense of vocation. Participation in the Community Life + Worship program is a requirement for graduation, refer to the Student Handbook for a complete description.

Intercultural Life

Rochester University is committed to continuing its efforts in creating a diverse, and welcoming community for all students, staff, and faculty to thrive. Intercultural life is aligned with our institutional mission, and our Christian identity. Students will participate in structured programs, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities to gain a broadened sense of intercultural understanding. Through collaboration with other members on campus, campus leaders, and area churches, the hope is to offer educational experiences that provide cultural support for historically underrepresented students.

Spiritual Life

Spiritual life at Rochester University is exhibited on our campus through campus ministry initiatives, service opportunities, and chapel. Each of these experiences lead to spiritual formation, and a greater sense of vocation among our students. Campus ministry initiatives focus on developing programs, resources, and learning opportunities that develop faith formation in our students. Service projects, community outreach, and missions are all embedded values in our institution.

  • Chapel: Meeting three times a week, chapel is integral to building community and encouraging worship. Chapel offerings include biblical teaching, and other creative programming that promote vocational awareness, intercultural, interpersonal, and personal formation.
  • Campus Ministry: Campus Ministry is led by a team of student leaders who work under the supervision of the Director of Intercultural & Spiritual Life who cultivate spiritual life on campus through a variety of opportunities.