Spiritual Formation

At Rochester University, we believe that developing your spiritual formation is just as important as supporting your success on your chosen academic path. The Department of Spiritual Formation is dedicated to inviting students, faculty, staff, and community to participate in God’s life and work. We seek to engage God to form us into well-rounded, well-educated and well-equipped people by connecting in a Christian community.


We are a diverse people who gather to practice life together in light of God’s great love for us. We pray together, sing, laugh, and grow. It’s awesome to take a moment in your day to slow down and see your friends and professors inspiring one another to get closer to God. Moments of rest, remembering, and reassurance don’t come easily to us.

We make space for them here at Rochester University during Chapel services, three times a week. All of campus pauses during the week for Chapel – meaning you won’t be missing out on events, activities, classes or meetings when you’re at Chapel, because we’ll all be there together.

Campus Ministry

We believe that Christian faith should inform, transform, and empower daily living. We encourage students to embark on a daily walk that values Christ-likeness, service, integrity and community. Our Campus Ministry creates meaningful, practical personal opportunities for worship, growth, and fellowship while remaining committed to a spirituality that embraces the wholeness of individuals, communities and the world around them.

Campus Ministry seeks to help each student grasp that part of being a well-rounded, well-educated and well-equipped person in the world is having asked and wrestled with questions of spirituality and faith. Check out some of the Campus Ministry opportunities that await you on campus below!

24 Hours of Prayer

Nothing is as effective for the growth and health of a University as prayer. During the first week of the fall semester, the students and employees of Rochester University take turns praying 24 hours around the clock for God’s blessing and guidance throughout the upcoming school year.


ELEVATE is a week-long summer camp on the campus of Rochester College for students entering the 7th grade through graduating seniors. Some campers attend as part of their youth groups while others attend as independents. Students listen to our well-regarded guest speakers, share in small groups, praise during worship time, engage in service, and participate in all types of recreation and entertainment.


Happy Hour

Each week Campus Ministry hosts a Happy Hour serving tea and coffee. This provides a chance for you to relax and enjoy a peaceful moment in your day.

The Offering

The Offering is a monthly evening of praise and worship in music and prayer. Student-led with a variety of musical styles and gifts, the Offering aims to empower the lives of disciples through sincere and meaningful worship.

Urban Plunge

Urban Plunge is a week-long service immersion experience over spring break. You’ll have the opportunity to be of service, working with schools, churches, homeless shelters, mental health organizations, children’s homes, and neighborhoods to provide hope and love for residents of the City of Detroit.