Residence Life

To globally impact lives of students by creating an opportunity in which residents are immersed in an environment that teaches valuable life skills, integrates academic knowledge with experiences outside of the classroom and engages them in the RU community in order to instill a lifelong desire to mature intellectually and spiritually.

Need to know what you can and cannot have in the residence halls? Check out the Student Handbook for more information.

Why Live on Campus?


Living on campus provides a great opportunity to grow and mature, teaching you how to live in community and share responsibility for your living space. It’s a chance to have more interactions with RU students, faculty and staff, and to grow even closer to tight-knit, vibrant community.


Living on campus makes it easier for you to attend campus events, engage with student groups and tap into leadership opportunities at RU. As a resident student, you’ll find many on-campus resources more accessible, such as the ACE Lab, which offers free tutoring.

Step-off campus, and just a few minutes you’ll also discover Rochester Hills, a growing community with many entertainment, dining, job and internship opportunities and more.

Academic Success

Research shows a strong correlation between living on campus and higher retention and graduation rates. As an on campus student (especially as a freshman) you can look forward to a higher GPA, taking more credit hours per semester, and graduating at a higher rate than your off-campus peers.

Spiritual Formation

In many ways, the most important aspect of the RU experience is our ethos and mission. Students who live on campus have better access to opportunities for prayer, bible studies, accountability, late night conversations and opportunities to grow spiritually. RU offers you many extracurricular activities for spiritual formation, including: Spring Break service opportunities, an in-depth chapel curriculum, service opportunities and worship nights and mentoring groups led by faculty and staff — all of these are easily accessible while living on campus.