Rochester university

Theatre Facilities


RAC Theatre

The main performance space on campus, the RAC Theatre, is a black box theatre located in the Richardson Academic Center. The flexibility of the black box allows RU’s directors, designers, and actors to utilize the space in any set-up that best suits a production, whether it be proscenium, thrust, arena, or something in between.

Associate’s Lab Theatre (ALT)

The Associate’s Lab Theatre (or the ALT for short) is a studio theatre space located in RU’s Campus Center. This theatre, designed to resemble storefront theaters in Chicago and New York, gives actors and audience members a uniquely intimate performance experience.

The Pit

The Pit, once a stone barbecue pit, is the home of Rochester University and Uncovered Theatre’s professional Shakespeare festival: Shakespeare Upon Avon. Nestled between towering trees near Lake Norcentra and the Clinton River, the Pit provides the perfect backdrop for an outdoor production.

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