Rochester University School of Business is offering four new or revised majors targeted to expanding sectors in industry that are seeking skilled employees. The new majors are:

“We’re responding to trends in the business world. Our business advisory boards and institutional data show us that employers in these fields are looking for skilled, ethical employees,” said Danette Cagnet, director of the School of Business. “And our students are interested in working in jobs where they can serve others and make a difference in their communities. We’re excited to launch these majors.”

The first two degrees are offered as part of RU’s new Computer Information Technology program, which prepares students to work in a variety of software development roles. Students will be equipped with a solid foundation in computer science, information systems and business. They will participate in Agile and pair programming methodologies, and test-driven development.

BS in Information Systems, Programming

The ISP degree is designed for students who are interested in the computer information field, yet have no coding or IT experience.

“We meet them where they are,” said Dr. Joel Hachem, professor and chair of the Computer Information Technology program. “I am excited to start this program and to combine the intricacies of computer technology with the ethical foundations and professional responsibility emphasized in the entire mission of RU.”

ISP students will learn how to design, implement and evaluate computing-based solutions, analyze complex problems, and apply principles of computing to identify solutions. This 120-hour degree includes a foundation in business courses, such as accounting, marketing, management, statistics and economics. In their major classes, students will learn design thinking, programming, security, networking, database management, web development, and systems analysis and design.

Students finish with six hours of field experiences with approved employers and a capstone three-hour class where students work in a team to analyze, design and build a business information system that solves a real-world problem. This final set of classes helps students apply theory to the real world, preparing them for successful entry into the workforce.

BBA in Computer Information Systems

This online degree completion program is for students who have completed an approved associate of applied science degree in an information technology field, such as IT professional, networking specialist, cyber-security or programming.

This program equips students with a solid foundation in business law, ethics, policy, finance and management.

“This fully online, accelerated program is perfect for individuals who are seeking advancement in their careers but who need to be able to speak the same language as those whose problems they are solving. The main benefit includes the ability to work and go to school — nothing gets put on hold,” Cagnet said. “We also have created a seamless transfer from several local partner community colleges so that students will have few to no ‘wasted courses.’ ”

BBA in Nonprofit Management

RU’s BBA in social entrepreneurship is being refined to become a BBA in nonprofit management to better fit the needs of this growth industry while also fitting into RU’s mission of preparing students for professional and personal success as they serve in God’s world.

Jaymes Vettraino, assistant professor of business, said with increases in the elderly population and increases in demand for substance abuse treatment, mental health and health-related services, employment of nonprofit managers is expanding.
This degree will prepare students to manage the business affairs of nonprofit​ corporations, including foundations, educational institutions, associations, and public agencies and governmental operations.
“An important feature of this degree is the high-level of student-to-faculty interaction and RU’s partnership with dozens of local nonprofit and government organizations,” Vettraino said. “Each student will have an opportunity to develop relationships through class-based fieldwork and personal interest internships, allowing them to contribute to community improvement.”

The nonprofit management degree is a professional degree that gives students broad knowledge in accounting, finance, management and human resources combined with detailed learning about the administration, management and specific needs of nonprofits.

BBA: Health Care Management

The BBA in health care management will prepare students for careers as managers in hospitals, physician’s practices, nursing/residential care facilities, home health care agencies and other health-related fields.

This 120-hour degree, which launches in fall 2021, includes foundational business courses, such as accounting, economics, marketing, management, finance, law and ethics. Courses in the major will include principles of health care management, health care information systems, cultural and community health, and strategic planning. Students will finish up their studies with an internship so that they obtain real-world experiences for a better understanding of the complexities of the health care industry.